samedi 26 mars 2016

south africa mexico europe 2010 - nos jours

michelle had just won her fight against blood cancer (hogkin cancer) when we made that shooting. 
it had been a long time i felt intrigued by michelle because even if she was dealing with the heavy treatment of chimio, she was shining with a very bright and peaceful energy, as if she knew something about life that was still veiled to my eyes. 
i questioned what was the impact of such a sickness on a young woman's perception of life.
through a shooting with a frame and familiar objects (same concept used for pintie and val utopian theater), we did try to represent her experience before and during the sickness.
before: how she lived a life that was restrained by many insecurities, traumas, complexes, discontentment and feeling of inadequacy. 
during the process: how she accepts her fate and deals with her state of sickness and the chimio, continuing her studies at the same time, and how she finds through the process, a new, radiant self inside her. a self that knows and feels that each moment is good to seize and that life is actually perfect as it is: 
continuous present of life! = complete and perpetual miracle.

by the end of her treatment, michelle meets marion, who also survived hogkin cancer three years before, and who suddenly appears like a successful figure of life after cancer, a self walking on a triumphant path towards emancipation.

the question of the shoot becomes : 
what does marion remind to michelle that she doesn't know yet/ what does michelle reflect on marion that brought her to be what she is now ? 

if marion embodies for michelle a reflexion on new perspectives, michelle reminds marion why she is the woman she became.

more than a victory on a mortal disease, it is maybe a victory on fear, and on what had prevented them, everyday, to truly become who they were.



losing hair, which she had always wore long, was a very hard and challenging step for Michelle


 these two fucking pictures didn't work, but i accept my fate. 

guiness the dog 

lessego playing pool 

marion opens her present

my exhibition in marseille

juliette and olli after eating oysters

the south of france


 moon mantis and the blue tampon




black voldemort

20 years ago andreï moved in former military houses in tamboerskloof to create a farm. the animals there are very intelligent.

love is a matter of fact

oli and i we took mushrooms on a misty day in shelley point, west coast of south africa. we got undressed to perform the wilderness that inhabits us. these pictures will be part of the second NUDE-exhibition party on utopia in june.

lu is a south african from kayalitsha

manoela is a brazilian from sao paulo. ciao manuela!

carl and erin are having fun in the bakkie after wine tasting

today manoela had two bad tinder dates, she will never use this app again, she says.

afrika burn : the construction of the train station is not over the first two days

carl is burnt for the first time this year

misty marion in the dust

he was shot sleeping; i shot him and the shot

Pintie & Val utopian theater is a project meant to show a couple in its beauty & contradictions.

A little book with pictures and text will soon be edited

the egg has boiled 5 min instead of 4,5 min

lovers can be bored

self service 

milady is specialized in food for pussycat and not male cat 

my face appears in the shit if you look closely